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    Travis AFB, CA - Hospital

    In an emergency, call 911. The 911 operator can send help, even on base.

    The main hospital near Travis Air Force Base is the David Grant Medical Center which serves over 750,000 military personnel and their families every year. The Medical Center offers emergency room services and surgical facilities as well as inpatient and outpatient care. The facility at Travis Air Force Base offers specialties such as nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging, and many others.

    For outpatient care and daily health care appointments, call the McClellan Clinic and the Mather Clinic which can be reached at 707-423-3000 or 800-264-3462.

    60th Medical Group (AMC)
    101 Bodin Circle
    Travis AFB, CA 94535

    DGMC is the Air Force's largest medical facility on the west coast, providing a full spectrum of health care and patient-centered treatment for over 86,000 TRICARE beneficiaries in the Northern California Prime Service Area.

    David Grant USAF Medical Center
    Office of Public Affairs, Travis Air Force Base, Calif. 94535
    (707) 423-3534

    Admissions Center (Healthcare Providers ONLY!): 707-423-7790
    Admissions & Dispositions: 707-123-7923
    After Hours Urgent Care: 707-423-5000
    Appointments (local): 707-423-3000
    Appointments (toll-free/out of area): 1-800-264-3462
    Credentialing: 707-423-7611
    DEERS Customer Service: 1-800-538-9552
    Dental Clinic: 707-423-7000
    DGMC-McClellan Satellite Clinic: 916-561-7560
    Diagnostic Imaging: 707-423-7208
    Family Medicine: 707-423-3792
    Emergency Department: 707-423-3826
    Flight Surgeon's Office: 707-423-5446
    Hematology/Oncology Clinic: 707-423-5129
    Information Desk - North (Inpatient Side): 707-423-7300
    Information Desk - South (Clinic Side): 707-423-3687
    Labor & Delivery: 707-423-3619
    Mental Health Clinic: 707-423-5174
    Medical Records: 707-423-5353
    Orthopedic Clinic: 707-423-7532
    Patient Relations: 707-423-2388
    Pharmacy (Drug Information): 707-423-7600
    Pharmacy (BX Satellite/Rx Refill Line): 707-423-5345
    Public Affairs Office: 707-423-3534
    Public Health: 707-423-5464
    Red Cross: 707-423-3648
    Release of Information (HIPAA/Patient's Rights): 707-423-7839
    Teddy's Child Watch: 707-423-3376
    Third Party Collections: 707-423-7905
    Travis Fisher House: 707-423-7550
    Travis Simulation Center: 707-423-3026
    TRICARE Dental Program: 1-800-866-8499
    TRICARE Dental/Retirees: 1-800-838-8737
    TRICARE Flight Assistance Coordinators: 707-423-7921
    TRICARE Flight Beneficiary Counseling: 707-423-3472
    TRICARE Information: 1-888-TRIWEST
    TRICARE Service Center: 707-423-3472
    Women's Health Clinic: 707-423-5361